A Vessel Of Hope For People With Alcohol And Other Drug Issues

Sobriety Treatment And Solutions In California


A Vessel Of Hope For People With Alcohol And Drug Issues

Sobriety Treatment and Solutions in California

Outpatient Treatment for Substance Use and Disorder Treatments (Alcohol & Other Drugs)

Delta Care Inc is committed to engaging men and women and their children in a collective process of healing, growth, and change that benefits both the individual and the family. By using a holistic approach to healing, we uplift the participants by placing emphasis on the pathways to addiction and creating new futures based on recovery and a better life.


Take the First Step In Getting Help

At Delta Care, Inc., our priority is our clients and their wellness. That is why we offer drug and alcohol abuse education to help them in their recovery. Clients can attend these classes from Monday to Friday and Saturdays by appointment only. Take this first step to healing and let us assist you in your journey.

Support For Insured And Uninsured Clients

Receive the highest level of care and support from our professional and friendly staff. We accept clients who have Medi-Cal (We do not deny services on the ability to pay)  and private insurance. We also offer low-cost outpatient treatment for those who are uninsured so they don't have to worry about their budget. 


Get In Touch With Our Caring Staff

Improving yourself to become better and healthier is not an easy task. Fortunately, you can count on our professionals to help you with this journey. You can visit us in Fresno, near public transportation bus lines 9, 28 and 30, or contact us to learn more about our services.

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